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At Neighborhood Gardens, we believe that growing local equals fresher and more nutritious produce. We’ve reimagined how food is grown to solve some of the biggest issues in the produce industry. Now we are offering a better way—for produce, people, and the planet. We want you to feel good about the produce you eat. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest quality and safety standards, going beyond those required for USDA Organic to ensure only the purest produce is on your plate. Our targeted grow process packs a nutritious punch into every bite. Since it travels straight from our harvest to your home, it retains more nutritional value than traditional produce.

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I’m so excited to find a local company selling lettuce!
— Anonymous
My kids actually eat this! It tastes good, it’s good for you and better for the environment!
— Philipa
I appreciate locally grown, locally available produce. The idea that it’s free of pesticides and doesn’t have soil contaminants makes me feel even better about serving it to my family!
— Sunny
I can’t wait to make fresh cooked spinach with lemon and butter!!!
— Michelle
Neighborhood Gardens is the freshest, best tasting lettuce ever!
— Vicky
The greens from Neighborhood Gardens stay fresh such a long time!
— Glenda
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Our Garden allows us to grow in a way that is better for the environment. By vertically growing crops with controlled micro climates, we can provide precisely what each plant needs. We’ve unearthed a better way to farm. One that allows us to grow purer produce using less water, less land, and less limitations. We leverage the power of the sun in order to use less electricity and we strategically place our indoor greenhouses so that our produce has less distance to travel. This means we are able to use less shipping fuel. It also means that people just like you can now have access to fresher, healthier produce.


98% Less Water

88% Less Shipping Fuel

99% Less Land

99% Less Food Waste

240x More Produce / Sq Ft

75% Less Time to Grow

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It is our mission to make fresh, healthy food available to everyone, everywhere. Thanks to our advanced grow process that enables more fruitful and frequent harvests, we’re able to provide a significant portion of our produce to communities in need through our First Fruits Program. It’s simple: the more we grow, the more we share. The best part is, rather than donating the remnants or leftovers of what we harvest, we instead give away a portion of the first and best to local foodbanks, charities, churches, and anyone else in need in an effort to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.


1 in 7 People are Hungry

1/3 of Food is Wasted

40 Million are Hungry (USA)