Is Neighborhood Gardens non-GMO?

Yes. We are certified by NSF for non-GMO produce.

Is Neighborhood Gardens free from harmful chemicals?

Yes. We grow without harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Is Neighborhood Gardens grown in a greenhouse?

Yes. All of our plants are grown in an indoor greenhouse.

Is Neighborhood Gardens grown sustainably?

Yes. Our greenhouses use 98% less water, 88% less shipping fuel, 99% less land and are carbon negative.

Does Neighborhood Gardens care about the environment?

Yes. Our greenhouses are carbon negative and we strategically place our greenhouses near distribution centers so that we can reduce the amount of shipping fuel needed resulting in less gas emissions.

Is Neighborhood Gardens grown in the USA?

Yes. Our produce is currently grown in Texas.

Is Neighborhood Gardens organic?

Our growing process goes beyond the requirements of USDA organic standards, but we are not officially certified since our produce is not planted directly into the earth. This actually allows out produce to grow free from contaminants that are often transmitted through soil resulting in safer produce.

What food safety certifications does Neighborhood Gardens have?

We take food safety very seriously. That is why we have regular audits and food safety exams. We are SQF Certified, GAP certified, and GFSI certified.

What type of technology is Neighborhood Gardens grown with?

Our produce is grown using Eden Green Technology. A closed-loop, vertical growing system similar to hydroponics, but without the negative aspects like having plants sitting directly in sponges that could accumulate mold and bacteria. Instead, our roots hang free in our system with water constantly trickling over them to keep anything from growing stagnant.

Where can I buy Neighborhood Gardens?

Our produce will soon be available at select Texas-area Walmarts, Albertsons, and Tom Thumbs. We want our produce to be widely available so we are always looking to expand our retail partners.