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It all started with a desire to feed hungry children in South Africa nearly ten years ago. Jacques and Eugene Van Buuren believed in love and goodness. They would bring happiness and joy to the children by providing sweets to each little one. The two brothers soon noticed that a particular little boy was pocketing the candy he’d been given rather than devouring it like the others. When asked why he wasn’t enjoying his candy, they were met with the somber response, “It’s not my day to eat.” The little boy was taking the sweets back to his little sister who was at home. This was common for children to take turns when resources were scare and the harsh reality of it broke the hearts of Jacques and Eugene inspiring them to create a better way.

Together, the brothers created what is known today as Eden Green Technology. A closed-loop, vertical growing system that allows plants to be grown year-round nearly anywhere in the world. This technology, now in the United States, is what fuels the brand Neighborhood Gardens. Still backed by the heart to feed the world, Neighborhood Gardens is all about bringing fresh, local produce to everyone at a price they can afford.

Founded on the belief that produce should be pure and nutritious, Neighborhood Gardens is committed to being non-GMO, free from harmful chemicals, and going beyond the requirements set in place by the USDA for Organic foods. Since we grow in an indoor greenhouse, our produce is protected from animals, pests and weather concerns that can harm crops. Consumers can trust that our produce is healthier, safer and tastier.


Eden Green Technology

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